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Other Organisational Surveys

We conduct a wide variety of organisational surveys using a blend of Data Scientists, Industrial Psychologists and Business Analysts.

Onboarding Survey

You may be recruiting the right people – but are they staying?

In any new relationship – first impressions count! This also applies to the relationship between employees and their organisations. DMSA’s Onboarding Survey enables new employees to assess their initial organisational experiences in the first week and after six months. 

We work with you to build an onboarding questionnaire designed to suit your organisation and to give you actionable output.

The value for your organisation is that you get an early warning of possible employee dissatisfaction and potential turnover, while there is still time to do something about it.

Leadership Style Survey

DMSA conducts Leadership Style Surveys to provide invaluable insights into an individual’s leadership approach and its impact on their team or organisation. 

By assessing leadership styles, such as transformational, transactional, democratic, or laissez-faire, the survey can help leaders understand their strengths and areas for improvement. 

This self-awareness can lead to more effective leadership strategies, better team dynamics, and improved organizational performance. Additionally, the survey results can foster open discussions about leadership within the team, leading to a more inclusive and collaborative work environment

(See comprehensive list under Clients and Testimonials)

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Impact Assessment Survey for Learnerships and Internships

Conducting an Impact Assessment Survey for learnerships and internships is crucial for evaluating the effectiveness of these programs in achieving their intended goals.

Such a survey can help organisations understand the impact of these programs on participants’ skills development, career advancement, and overall learning experience. By collecting feedback from learners and interns, organizations can identify strengths and areas for improvement in their programs, leading to better program design and delivery.

Additionally, the survey results can provide valuable insights for stakeholders, such as funders and policymakers, to assess the return on investment and inform future decision-making regarding these programs

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