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We are a unique team of highly qualified and experienced data scientists,  statisticians, business analysts, and organisational psychologists. We use appropriate techniques to analyse data, interpret the findings and with our organisational insight, help you turn the results into effective business strategies.

Data Management and Statistical Analysis

Formed in 1996, Data Management and Statistical Analysis (DMSA) is a niche-specialist Data Analytics and Organisational Research company based at Wits University

DMSA uses scientifically sound statistical techniques to analyse data, interpret the results and provide business insights.

DMSA has a multi-disciplinary team consisting Data Scientists, Statisticians, Business Analysts and Industrial Psychologists who work together to ensure that organisations ask relevant questions and get meaningful results. 

DMSA has the following key services:

  • Organisational Surveys
  • Data Analytics
  • Training
  • Data Collection Methods
  • DMSA Data Science Consortium


mark paiker



Mike Greyling

Head of Data Analytics

Prof. Paul Fatti

Lead Statistician
nadine lewis

Nadine Lewis

Business Analyst
gladys monare

Gladys Monare

Research Manager

Prof Karen Milner

Sulaiman Salau

Sulaiman Salau

Consulting Statistician
Charity Chichichi

Charity Chichichi

Data Scientist
Daise Sibanda

Daise Sibanda

Data Analyst
Oratile Majafa

Oratile Majafa

Qualitative Researcher
Ilanit Steinbuch

Ilanit Steinbuch

Organisational Specialist


DMSA helps organisations to make the right business decisions based on scientifically sound
data. Our unique team of highly qualified and experienced statisticians together with our business analysts and industrial psychologists offer organisations a holistic solution.

Take a look at our latest client testimonials to gain insight into their experience with our services. Discover how our satisfied clients have described their experience with us and why we could be the right choice for you. Read their stories and feedback on our success and dedication to providing top-notch services.

The DMSA Data Consortium is a group of companies that complement each other in the area of data and data analytics. DMSA is responsible for the overall management of the Data Consortium.

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