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Typical statistical analysis exercises

We have the expertise to analyse large company databases from various sources. With our statistical background we can identify underlying relationships in the data that will improve your understanding of your business and its processes. Our models can be used as effective decision making tools.

Typical statistical analysis exercises

Customer Analytics

DMSA can help you develop an on-going and sustainable Customer Intelligence Process to drive relevant, cost-effective and profitable marketing campaigns.

  • We integrate your data into a single comprehensive view.
  • By applying granular customer segmentation and predictive modelling, we can predict trends and customer behaviours.
  • Determine who is most likely to buy what
  • These will help drive more profitable marketing campaigns and most importantly help your organisation defend and grow your customer base.
  • Identify gaps in the market
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Risk Modelling

  • Using Predictive Modelling, develop propensity and churn models to identify high and low risk customer groups
  • Segment customer data according to risk profiles
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Sales Forecasting

The DMSA team of  statisticians and business analysts work with your organisation to understand your sales environment and then customise our sales  forecasting tool so that you can input your current sales data and predict your future sales.

DMSA Sales Forecasting uses sophisticated time series analysis to extrapolate past behaviour into the future.

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Other Statistical Analysis Projects

  • Test effectiveness of business strategies on costs to the company.
  • Data Integrity testing and cleaning
  • Test new games in the Gaming Industry
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