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DMSA has developed a number of business-oriented courses for non-financial people who need to understand and interpret data and numerical information as well as surveys and the survey process.

Overview of Internal Organisational Surveys

DMSA offers a one day course providing an Overview of Internal Organisational Surveys such as Employee Engagement, Climate and Culture surveys. The session takes place in a relaxed setting away from the office and is conducted by an experienced facilitator together with subject matter experts who lead discussion on specific topics.

Course objectives

  • To understand where the value lies in conducting internal surveys, knowing what questions to ask and how to ask them
  • To understand the end-to-end survey process and where management plays a critical role
  • To interpret and use the survey results to identify appropriate actions to address opportunities and challenges

Topics covered include:

  • Exploring Case Studies of organisations that have benefitted from these surveys
  • The survey process
  • Questionnaire design
  • Interpreting results (graphics and tabular data)
  • Translating the results into strategic insights

Who should attend?

  • Middle to Senior Management