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DMSA has developed a number of business-oriented courses for non-financial people who need to understand and interpret data and numerical information as well as surveys and the survey process.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys – One Day Overview

The course focuses on showing management how to ensure that their organisation derives the most value from a Customer Satisfaction Survey through integration with strategic planning processes.

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Internal Organisational Survey One Day course

Getting the most out of your internal organisational surveys
Conducting organisational surveys can be time-consuming and administratively challenging. Often there is a poor response rate, and then there is the challenge of producing meaningful graphs and charts that ideally prompt decisive business actions. The danger is that organisational surveys can consume immense effort and resources but have little strategic impact.

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Basic Numeracy in the workplace

This course focuses on developing the participant’s knowledge and understanding of numerical concepts and techniques that are used daily in workplace decision-making. The course uses practical examples from the workplace.

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Focus Group Facilitation

DMSA’s highly experience organisational psychologists will train client’s HR staff to conduct their own focus groups independently. Areas covered include – Design of discussion guide, probing, role plays, taking transcripts, report writing and presentation.

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