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We conduct various organisational surveys such as climate, culture, onboarding experiences, exit interviews and customer satisfaction using our unique blend of highly experienced statisticians, business analysts and organisational psychologists.

360 Performance Surveys

360 Degree Feedback Surveys are a Human Resources tool used by organisations to evaluate an employee’s job-related performance and development needs.

Feedback is gathered from employees, an employee’s co-workers, managers and direct reports, using a questionnaire covering areas such as skills, abilities and job performance. The data gathered is then compiled into a report showing the employee’s strengths and development needs according to the people he/she works closest with.

360 Degree Feedback Surveys can be used at all levels, from Executive to Team Member; and within all functions; and be administered for either individuals or groups of any size. They can be successfully used as a stand-alone employee intervention or as an integral part of another human resource system such as performance management.

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DMSA has over the years developed highly efficient data capturing tools, appropriate statistical analytical and reporting tools in this area. The process is automated to enable a quick turn around.

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