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Strategic Solutions

DMSA has designed focused programmes in niche areas where the results and subsequent recommendations from research surveys and 'big data' analytics become strategic soulutions.

The following is a sample of the tried and tested interventions that are available from our core team:

Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy

Using a comprehensive approach we assist your organisation to develop a strategy to successfully manage organisational culture transitions during mergers and acquisitions and provide you with the understanding and ability to address the merging companies areas of incompatibility and potential psychological barriers. Anticipating and managing the psychological impact of these changes efficiently, ensures that the “soft issues” will not negatively impact on the financial success of the merger.

Using a range of cutting edge methodologies we:

  • Identify critical culture issues pre- merger for both parties
  • Highlight the gaps between the two organisations and
  • Develop a strategy for pre- and post- merger culture alignment and to reduce organisational stress.

Talent Analytics: An Advanced approach to Talent Management

Using Talent Analytics as a Talent Management tool, DMSA goes above and beyond traditional Talent Management techniques and approaches. We apply predictive modeling techniques for effective recruitment and the retention of top performing and profitable employees. Instead of simply applying analytics to HR Data (i.e. payroll, recruitment cost, training, absenteeism etc.) to find patterns, we expand the analysis to include Survey Data and Performance Data resulting in a more in-depth analyses and creating a sophisticated modeling tool that will help you make better data-driven selection and business decisions. Incorporating these tools into your Talent Management strategy can save your company millions of rands.

Customer Analytics: Informing your Customer Strategy

Understanding customer needs is crucial in today’s competitive environment. Making informed data-driven decisions and linking these to your Customer Strategy is what will give your business the competitive advantage. Using customer analytics, DMSA will generate new and bring together existing sources of Customer Data to help you develop a strategy to acquire and retain customers. Applying state-of-the-art statistical analysis with business analysis, DMSA will help you answer the following questions:

  • “Who is your customer?” è DMSA will Analyse Customer Data
  • “How is your customer interacting with you?” è DMSA will Map the Customer Journey
  • “How does your customer experience you?” è DMSA will test perceptions using Surveys
  • “How can you create an exceptional customer experience?” è DMSA will Enhance the Customer Journey.

Tenant Risk and Retention Strategy

For property managers and owners, tenant turnover has a significant business impact including; loss of income, costs of replacing tenants, and/or an unbalanced targeted tenant mix for retail properties. As a property manager or owner, it is therefore critical to put into place a strategic action plan to effectively manage your Tenant Risk and Retention. DMSA can help you generate this strategy using a combination of Data Analytics and Research Surveys. Both these tools are vital for assessing the ‘health’ and effectiveness of an organisation’s structures, processes and performance, bearing in mind that business strategies are only as good as the metrics that inform them. Specifically, we will assist you by identifying the risks of losing tenants, the underlying factors that lead to these risks and propose measures to retain tenants.