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Organisational Surveys

We conduct various other organisational surveys such as onboarding experiences, exit interviews, mergers and aquisitions, 360 degree surveys, HIV KAP and recruitment surveys using our unique blend of highly experienced statisticians, business analysts and organisational psychologists.

Why conduct organisational surveys?

  • It provides a proven and reliable evaluation of organizational functioning and effectiveness.
  • Proven link between employee satisfaction levels and organisational performance, i.e. sales, customer service and production
  • It identifies areas of opportunity by providing a bottom-up view of the organisation  and highlighting the suitability of innovation and change
  • Retention of skilled employees- A well analysed survey provides early detection of propensity to leave organisation
  • Enable management to demonstrate their commitment to the individuals who make up the company
  • Provide a platform for employees to directly contribute to organisational improvement
  • Ensures that employees are serious partners in the process of organisational transformation and improvement.