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Organisational Surveys

We conduct various other organisational surveys such as onboarding experiences, exit interviews, mergers and aquisitions, 360 degree surveys, HIV KAP and recruitment surveys using our unique blend of highly experienced statisticians, business analysts and organisational psychologists.

Elements of the DMSA Survey Process

Questionnaire Design

Our questionnaires are derived from three possible sources:

  • A set of questions tailor made to address our client’s strategic considerations
  • A set of questions that have been previously produced for other clients of DMSA, conducting a similar survey
  • A set of internationally benchmarked questions that have been statistically shown to cover the main issues related to employee satisfaction and motivation

Data Collection

DMSA provides three options for data collection:

  • Facilitation sessions for the collection of paper based questionnaires
  • Design and hosting of internet surveys
  • Telephone interviews

Analysis of Results

Using advanced analytical tools, DMSA has developed a highly effective survey presentation system which serves as a decision making tool. It provides deep insight into the survey findings and it is presented in a graphical and tabular format.

Focus Groups

Focus groups will be facilitated by DMSA to explore the main findings from the quantitative research in greater depth. A structured discussion guide will be used to ensure consistency of format and enable comparisons between the responses of each group. An analysis of the findings will be included in the main report.

Consolidated Report

A comprehensive report consolidates the survey and focus group findings and includes the strategic implications and recommendations for addressing key strategic issues.

Presentation to Management

An interactrive presentation is given to management to facilitate a discussion of the content of the final report. Recommendations will also be discussed to enable the client to realize the full value of the research findings.

Action Planning Workshop

Here specific actions are identified with appropriate accountabilities and deadlines to address issues raised by the survey findings.