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Organisational Surveys

We conduct various other organisational surveys such as onboarding experiences, exit interviews, mergers and aquisitions, 360 degree surveys, HIV KAP and recruitment surveys using our unique blend of highly experienced statisticians, business analysts and organisational psychologists.

Recruitment Survey

Are you an Employer of Choice…?

  • When Recruiting Agents have an outstanding Job Applicant do they immediately think of your company?
  • Are Job Applicants “over the moon” when they are told that the position for which they are interviewing is for your company?

Today, it is human capital that gives an organisation its competitive edge; therefore organisations need to attract the best skills.

The challenge is to develop and maintain an “employment brand image” as an “Employer of Choice” as perceived by both Job Applicants and Recruitment Agents.

DMSA’s online Recruitment Survey can help you to assess the effectiveness of your current “employment brand image” and the success of your recruitment strategy. We also benchmark your organisation’s scores against other organisations in your industry.

The DMSA team consists of a dynamic blend of organisational psychologists, statisticians and business analysts.

A relevant sample of Recruitment Agents and Job Applicants from your target employment market complete a recruitment questionnaire and some participate in focus groups to test/probe further.

The output is presented:

  • Graphically using the DMSA Survey Presentation System©
  • In a Final Report showing findings, conclusions and recommendations by our organisational psychologists and business analysts.

The value for your organisations is an “Employer of Choice report card”, as perceived by both Job Applicants and Recruitment Agents, and compared with other organisations in your industry.

Recruitment Survey Process & Output

Recruitment Survey