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Organisational Surveys

We conduct various organisational surveys such as climate, culture, onboarding experiences, exit interviews and customer satisfaction using our unique blend of highly experienced statisticians, business analysts and organisational psychologists.

Using the sophisticated DMSA Survey Presentation System© DMSA is able to offer one or a combination of the following surveys:

Employee Engagement, Climate & Culture Survey

 Why DMSA for Employee Engagement and Culture Surveys? DMSA has developed our own ‘state of the art’ Web...

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Do you know… Are your customers satisfied? What do they really want? DMSA’s Customer Satisfaction Survey can help...

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Onboarding Survey

You may be recruiting the right people – but are they staying? In any new relationship – first...

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Exit Interview Survey

50 ways to leave your…? Do you find out why, when employees resign? Ineffective recruitment? ‘Personality clashes’? DMSA’s...

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Mergers and Acquisitions Risk Assessment Surveys

Our offering in a business context Anticipating and providing for the human element during a merger or acquisition...

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360 Degree Surveys

A 360° Survey requires that each individual in the survey to be assessed by the superiors, their peers,...

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HIV KAP (Knowledge Attitude Practice)

DMSA can effectively conduct an HIV KAP survey, i.e. from the design and analysis to the presentation of...

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Recruitment Survey

Are you an Employer of Choice…? When Recruiting Agents have an outstanding Job Applicant do they immediately think...

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