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Employee Engagement, Climate & Culture Survey

We conduct various organisational surveys such as climate, culture, onboarding experiences, exit interviews and customer satisfaction using our unique blend of highly experienced statisticians, business analysts and industrial psychologists.

Employee Engagement, Climate & Culture Survey

 Why DMSA for Employee Engagement and Culture Surveys?

  • DMSA has developed our own ‘state of the art’ Web based Dashboard System for insights into multiple views of the survey findings. You can analyse the data by any combination of demographic variable captured in the survey.  There is also a unique decision making tool, based on sound analytical principles, for prioritising interventions.
  • Our Survey System also has a unique Action Planning component that provides strategic insights, recommendations and action planning for a selected focus area and then monitors  the progress of the actions.
  • We use a unique blend of highly qualified and experienced Data Scientists, Industrial Psychologists and Business Strategists to conduct our surveys.
  • Over the past 22 years, DMSA has conducted over 300 Employee Surveys for organisations throughout South Africa and the rest of Africa. Our clients in this area includes Coca Cola Bottlers Africa, National Health Laboratory Services, Growthpoint Properties, Britehouse, BHP Billiton, MERSETA, SkX and many others
  • DMSA has advanced technology for capturing survey data and applied statistical techniques for testing the integrity of the data.
  • DMSA Industrial Psychologists design tailor made questionnaires based on strategic objectives of the client. We also use questionnaires accumulated from all our previous surveys. Our Data Scientists also test the reliability and validity of the questionnaire. Some of the themes we have included in our surveys include: Trust, Work Life Balance, Leadership, Management Style, Retention, Values, Work Environment, Teamwork, Training, Career Opportunities, Communication and Change Management.
  • DMSA’s Industrial Psychologists specialise in producing insightful and comprehensive reports based on the survey results that answer the ‘’So What Now? ’’ question i.e. We provide strategic insights to organisational challenges, summarising key strengths, opportunities for improvement, and recommended actions to be taken in the short, medium and long term.
  • Our Industrial Psychologists present the main survey findings to Senior Management where Strategic insights and actions can be discussed and planned.

Benefits of Conducting Employee Engagement Surveys

  • Enable management to demonstrate their commitment to the employees
  • Provide a platform for employees to directly contribute to organisational improvement.
  • Show employees that their opinions are valued.
  • Ensure that employees are serious partners in the process of transformation and improvement