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Company profile

We are a unique team of highly qualified and experienced statisticians, business analysts, and organisational psychologists. We use appropriate techniques to analyse data, interpret the findings and with our organisational insight, help you turn the results into effective business strategies.

DMSA team

Dr Mark Paiker [PhD Stats (Wits)]

Dr Mark Paiker

Mark is the founder and General Manager of DMSA.

He  has a  PhD degree in Statistics from the University of the Witwatersrand for the thesis: “Statistical issues in conducting National Household and Nutrition Surveys in developing Countries”.

As a result he has extensive experience in conducting large surveys on a national level, from managing the survey process to applying the appropriate statistical techniques and procedures when analyzing such data.

Prof. Paul Fatti [MSc, DIC (London), PhD (Wits)]

Prof. Paul Fatti

Professor Paul Fatti is a highly respected and experienced statistician. He  was formerly Head of the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at Wits University and is currently Emeritus Professor of Statistics in this department.

He has consulted in various areas of Statistics and Operations Research and has managed many DMSA projects over the years.

Mike Greyling [BA Hons (Psych) MSc Stats (Wits)]

Mike Greyling

As a senior consultant and partner at DMSA he has consulted for numerous organisations, over a broad range of issues.

The consultation involves the use of Statistical analyses to address business problems.

The analyses range from general data mining problems to specific applications of theoretical models.

Andrew Samson [B.Bus Sc. (UCT)]

Andrew Samson

Andrew who is a partner at DMSA is a highly capable analyst who has been involved mainly in market segmentation of large databases in the banking and retail environments.

He is also the official Statistician of the United Cricket Board of South Africa.

Jenny Fisher [B.Bus Sc. (UCT), BA Hons (Psych) (Unisa)]

Jenny Fisher

Jenny is a business strategy consultant, specialising in human capital and marketing strategies. Jenny offers strategic interpretations of the research results and makes recommendations based on the findings.

She designs performance improvement initiatives such as performance management and incentive schemes.

She has extensive experience in facilitating focus groups and workshops.

Prof Karen Miller [PhD Ind.Psych (Wits)]

Prof Karen Miller

Karen is an industrial psychologist with extensive experience in assessing organisational effectiveness from a decision making perspective. She has experience in the design, evaluation and analysis of surveys.

The combination of her understanding of statistical analysis and organisational decision making processes adds much weight to DMSA providing a comprehensive research product to our clients.