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Company profile

We are a unique team of highly qualified and experienced statisticians, business analysts, and organisational psychologists. We use appropriate techniques to analyse data, interpret the findings and with our organisational insight, help you turn the results into effective business strategies.

DMSA team

Dr Mark Paiker [CEO DMSA]

Dr Mark Paiker

Mark is the CEO and major shareholder of DMSA. His role includes identifying business opportunities and forming partnerships and alliances for DMSA in the Data Analytics area. He manages and coordinates Industrial Psychologists, Statisticians, and Business Analysts to ensure the statistical analysis is relevant for strategic decision making and developing practical action plans. He has managed the implementation of numerous Data Analytics and Survey projects for many clients in the public and private sectors over the past 23 years.

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Prof. Paul Fatti [MSc, DIC (London), PhD (Wits)]

Prof. Paul Fatti

Professor Paul Fatti is a highly respected and experienced statistician. He  was formerly Head of the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at Wits University and is currently Emeritus Professor of Statistics in this department.

He has consulted in various areas of Statistics and Operations Research and has managed many DMSA projects over the years.

Ditshameko Mashile [Research Manager and Data Analyst]


Has been a key member of the DMSA team for the past 20 years. She is DMSA’s senior Research Manager and is responsible for managing the survey process from hosting, data management, data cleaning and an analysis perspective. She often manages the Survey Call Centre team.

Mike Greyling [BA Hons (Psych) MSc Stats (Wits)]

Mike Greyling

As a senior consultant and partner at DMSA he has consulted for numerous organisations, over a broad range of issues.

The consultation involves the use of Statistical analyses to address business problems.

The analyses range from general data mining problems to specific applications of theoretical models.

Daise Sibanda [Statistician]

Daise Sibanda

Daise is a Data Scientist that works in both the survey and data analytics areas at DMSA.

He has a statistical background and also has advanced programming skills analytics and data management programs such as R, SQL and SAS. He is also involved in the preparation of data for processing by organizing information, checking for any inaccuracies, and adjusting and weighting the raw data where applicable.

Judy Monyebodi [Data Analyst and Process Automation Analyst]

Judy Monyebodi

Judy is a DMSA data analyst and Process Automation Analyst. As a Data Analyst, he is responsible for the analysis of data using R. He is also involved in various components of the survey process, from a design and analysis perspective. As a Process Automation Analyst, he builds up automation Processes that requires tedious manual work and automate them using Solvexia software.

Jenny Greenblatt [B.Bus Sc. (UCT), BA Hons (Psych) (Unisa)]

Jenny Fisher

Jenny is a business strategy consultant, specialising in human capital and marketing strategies. Jenny offers strategic interpretations of the research results and makes recommendations based on the findings.

She designs performance improvement initiatives such as performance management and incentive schemes.

She has extensive experience in facilitating focus groups and workshops.

Nadine Lewis [Business Analyst]

Nadine Lewis

Nadine develops survey questionnaires (internal and / or external organisational surveys) to suit clients’ strategic objectives.  Once the survey data analysis is complete, she writes comprehensive reports emphasising the ‘so what’ and presents the results to the client’s management team.

Prof Karen Milner [PhD Ind.Psych (Wits)]

Prof Karen Miller

Karen is an industrial psychologist with extensive experience in assessing organisational effectiveness from a decision making perspective. She has experience in the design, evaluation and analysis of surveys.

The combination of her understanding of statistical analysis and organisational decision making processes adds much weight to DMSA providing a comprehensive research product to our clients.

Faith Magongoma [Marketing and Research Assistant]

Faith Magongoma

Faith has a diverse role at DMSA. Her responsibilities include:

  • Conducts Marketing Campaigns to potential DMSA clients.
  • Project Scheduling
  • Conducting Telephonic interviews.
  • Data capturing
  • Administrative work