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Company profile

We are a unique team of highly qualified and experienced statisticians, business analysts, and organisational psychologists. We use appropriate techniques to analyse data, interpret the findings and with our organisational insight, help you turn the results into effective business strategies.

Brief Company History


DMSA was registered as a company in 1996. At the outset we were simply providing our clients with the statistical analyses and results they required.

However, in 2000 we realised there was a need for our clients to take the statistical analyses we were presenting to the next level. At this point in time we were joined by organisational psychologists and business analysts who had the relevant skills to interpret our statistical analyses and transform the analyses into decision making tools.

Owing to the increased demand for these new services it was necessary to restructure the company into two main divisions:

These new divisions now offer our clients the flexibility they desire from our service whether it is simply the statistical analyses component of our service or a more in-depth and comprehensive service. Our aim is to develop strong relationships and partnerships with our clients to meet their specific needs and ensure our clients of ongoing organisational success.


State-of-the-Art Statistical Techniques

Our strong association with the Wits School of Statistics and Actuarial Science ensures that we are up-to-date with the latest techniques.

Accurate Results

High standards of accuracy is the foundation of the approach to our analyses.

Highly Qualified Team

Our core team is a unique blend of highly qualified statisticians, industrial psychologists and business analysts who have excelled in their respective fields of expertise. Our complementary skills ensure that we are able to comprehensively address our client’s business objectives.

Over Twenty Years of Experience

Our Team has been working together for years and have proved our working methodologies.

Focus is on Quality and meeting Client’s Specific Needs

DMSA’s long-standing relationship with our clients is testimony to our focus on delivering results of the highest quality.

On-time Delivery

DMSA prides itself on tight project management and excellent turnaround times.